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Veda Hallowes

Early Morning Janan Are You Hearing Me? Longing Triste Nashi (Outdoor) Apricot with Stalk Blue Cloud Contemplation The Journey Summer I Imagine Apple Apricot Lying Winged Seed First Steps Fig IV The Matriarchs Relate Little Earth Mother Pot Of Gold The Minds Eye Flight of Birds Fig I Wishes Quince Eve Last Light Cuddle Evening Chirimoya Nutshell Chrysalis The Source Next Please Kimono I Touching Africa The Minds' Eye II Fantasy Seed I Earth Mother The Ambassadors How Are You? Kimono II Expectant Pair Menage a Trois Dear Hearts Still Moment Summer II Memory 1 Liberty Star Gazer Fig III Dancing Pear Me Too Kimono II (small) Fleeting Moment The Lookout Nearly There Ma Monde I Comparing Notes Waiting for the Night Bus Dream Seed Girl Holding Foot Enigma Myth Giant Pumpkin Coral Bird Talk Quince II Dragon Going Solo Ma Monde II Nashi (Indoor) Memory 2 Early Days Mossy Bank Homage Daydreaming Celebration (Black Fig) Pear II The Big Apple The Minds' Eye III Kimono I (small) Reprieve New Beginnings Africa II