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Veda Hallowes

Nearly There Girl Holding Foot Cuddle Celebration (Black Fig) Quince Comparing Notes Fleeting Moment Still Moment Eve Kimono I (small) Nutshell Touching Africa Chirimoya Fantasy Seed I Fig I Dream Seed Evening Blue Cloud Fig III Ma Monde II Nashi (Indoor) The Journey Next Please Myth Last Light Memory 1 Star Gazer Relate Menage a Trois The Minds' Eye II Contemplation Kimono II The Big Apple The Matriarchs The Ambassadors Kimono II (small) Wishes Summer II Quince II Pear II Expectant Pair Enigma First Steps Giant Pumpkin The Minds' Eye III Early Days Triste Waiting for the Night Bus Ma Monde I New Beginnings Mossy Bank Janan Summer I Imagine Apricot with Stalk Fig IV Reprieve Dancing Pear Are You Hearing Me? The Source Earth Mother Liberty Dear Hearts Homage Kimono I Dragon Little Earth Mother Nashi (Outdoor) Coral Early Morning Pot Of Gold Winged Seed Flight of Birds Chrysalis Apple Memory 2 The Minds Eye Going Solo Me Too Bird Talk Longing The Lookout Africa II How Are You? Daydreaming Apricot Lying